Posted by: greatsleep | March 22, 2010

How to Recycle Your Old Mattress

How to Dispose of or Recycle Your Old Mattress

A mattress can be an ecological disaster site, if not properly disposed of. We’ve all seen old beds dumped on the side of the road or hiding in a forgotten alley. Fortunately there are firms that specialize in recycling the materials from old mattresses. Few charities take used mattresses, though some provide recycling.

Most mattress vendors provide old mattress removal when a consumer purchases a new set and you should take advantage of this whenever possible as this can save you considerable cost. You might consider asking the vendor how their mattresses are disposed of, so as to be assure your mattress will find a proper, earth-friendly, disposal. Some vendors give unstained, lightly-used mattresses to specialized re-conditioners who are skilled in the cleaning and sterilizing of sleep products, however the majority of mattresses are recycled or destroyed for placement in a landfill.

On the occasion that you have a mattress to get rid of but aren’t buying a replacement set, you should contact a mattress recycling center near you to find out their policies. Recycling centers are currently located in California,  Minnesota, Massachusetts, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina as well as Alberta, Quebec and Saskatchewan, Canada.

If you cannot find a recycling center near you, contact a local mattress vendor and ask them where to take your old bed.



Monterey County, Salinas, Seaside
Hope Services

Contact: John Bell
Phone: 831-595-3396 Fax: 831-758-0252

DR3 Mattress Recycling
Contact: Terry McDonald
Phone: 510-351-0520 Fax: 510-351-0521

San Francisco
Use their Recycling form online to schedule.San Jose
Goodwill Industries

Contact: John Waszily
Phone: 408-869-9225

Conigliaro Industries

(Massachusetts and National)
Contact: Michelle Taparausky
Phone: 508-872-9668
Toll Free: 888-CONIG-25
Fax: 508-653-6672


Goodwill Industries
Contact: Greg Conkins
Phone: 218-722-6351  Fax: 218-772-8101

PPL Industries
Contact: Doug Jewett
Phone: 612-332-0664  Fax: 612-332-4291


Ohio Mattress Recovery
Contact: Chuck Brickman
Phone: 440-856-3685


St. Vincent de Paul
Contact: Terry McDonald
Phone: 541-687-5820  Fax: 541 683-9423

South Carolina
Nine Lives Mattress Recycling
Contact: Ralph Bogan
Phone: 843-916-9753


Contact: Mr. Erdem
Phone: 514-648-7575  Fax: 514-648-7525



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